Ministry of equipment fallen into disuse (MEFID)

MEFID – In Dutch: Het Ministerie van In Onbruik Geraakte Zaken (IOGZ) - is the Dutch Ministry where the interests of obsolete equipment are placed at the forefront. Not only does the Ministry give such equipment a voice, but we also attempt to identify the impact of the ease with which our society pushes the equipment aside. Although it could be that the fate of this equipment is no more than a symptom of a larger problem, the MEFID hopes to clarify with its work the view held of that larger problem. Our material, and thus our social and cultural heritage, is preserved and managed in a variety of different departments and depots.

The MEFID consists of many departments and archives spread throughout the land. Until July 2012 the Ministry had its offices at the Conventplein in Wageningen. This department was closed for reasons best known to the Ministry. Just the same, we continue unabashed. You can encourage us, enrich us, ask us questions and put the brake on us (don’t bother!) with a message to the address below or via the contact form also below. If the MEFID opens another door to the public, you’ll be the first to hear about it.